Resource Reflection

The two resources I used for this reflection can be found here and here. The first focuses on American students in the global education environment, and the second focuses on education of ELL (English Language Learning) students.


These resources both connect to my prior knowledge of education on the basis of what currently goes on within American schools. Many students are educated on the basis of standardized testing and how to perform well on standardized tests, rather than on the creativity and ingenuity needed in today’s world. Additionally, ELL students are put into uncomfortable situations where they are expected to know more English in the classroom than they have already learned, and as a result, fall behind.


The readings extended my knowledge and consideration of this subject by introducing the global element. Students today live in a more globalized society, meaning they will not only need to know how to live in their own world as they grow up, but within an increasingly complex and connected society. This includes skills such as critical problem solving, and potentially more inclusion of foreign languages in the classroom, as opposed to forcing non-native English speakers into uncomfortable environments.


How do we, as teachers, adjust the way we teach in the classroom to prepare students for this new, globalized society we live in? How can schools do better at including a variety of learners and providing everyone with the skills they will need in the future?


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