Google Inquiry #3 Reflection


The group met and discussed the most recent reading for the class. We all took turns sharing opinions and views on the content, specifically on how student voice plays a role in creating meaningful change within education. We discussed how we might in the future use this information in our own classrooms to ensure that we’re actively working against a problematic system, rather than contributing to it.


I was personally glad that my peers and I had similar feelings regarding the need for student voice and permanent change in the education system. The discussion felt very similar to a lot of the material that was covered in my previous Education 160 class with Dr. Mayer; the class primarily focused on ways to promote student voice in the classroom and ways of revolutionizing the field of education. This could mean that this is a growing trend among new/up-and-coming teachers, which would ultimately result in a vastly different education system long-term. If teachers seek to create change in classrooms, that change will happen. Overall, the discussion was very productive and I’m glad to see that my classmates and I are on the same page when it comes to our opinions of the content of our readings.


My recommendations based on this meeting are that more teachers need to seek meaningful ways of creating change in the classroom. This can be done through very simple, small changes to even the physical structure of the classroom, such as seating arrangements. Additionally, teachers need to work on developing ways of encouraging student voices, even those of shy, “softspoken” students, and making sure that the opinions of students are treated as equal and valid.