Concluding Assignment

What do we meanĀ by the 21st century classroom?

The 21st century classroom not only implies the inclusion of technology into existing curriculum, but also an entirely new generation of students learning in ways that were not possible in previous generations. Teachers of 21st century classrooms must adapt to new methods of teaching and communication; this can involves many techniques and methods such as holding classes online, allowing for more peer interaction between students through digital mediums, and providing various other opportunities through means of technology.

How do we apply technology tools in ways so that we can more easily achieveĀ meaningful teaching and learning in the 21st century?

We as teachers can apply technology to classrooms to create a more meaningful learning experience for students by being able to constantly adapt as technology evolves and changes over time. New technologies are being created on an astoundingly regular basis, and these technologies are constantly changing the lives of students and educators alike. By allowing these elements into the classroom, the learning environment more closely resembles the “real world” the students will be returning to outside of the classroom, giving students a more relatable and genuine experience. Additionally, by applying the SAMR framework to lesson plans, teachers can incorporate technology in more meaningful ways than simply using it as an improved version of an existing classroom practice. Students are able to gain an infinite amount of learning from technology in the 21st century if the technology is used and introduced by teachers in an appropriate, revolutionary manner.